4 Ways to Hide Your IP Address

If you have an internet connection you are automatically assigned a series of numbers which serves as a unique identifier of your when you browse through the internet. The series of numbers is called internet protocol (IP) address. Each website you visit keeps a log which contains the IP addresses of all computers and servers that have accessed the site. This means, it’s possible to keep a trail of your activities online.

To ensure your privacy online, you need to hide your IP addresses. This is because your IP can serve as a tool for hackers to have access to the private information you share online or those found on your computer system. You also stand the risk of identity theft when personal information is stolen to access your private accounts.

So, how do you hide your IP address?

1.By Using Proxy Servers

A proxy server acts an intermediary between the web servers and clients. So, when you set up your computer to use proxy for web browsing, you’re actually requesting the proxy server to download resources from the original web for you. This means the original web server will record the IP of the proxy server but will not have an idea of who wanted the information.

2.By Using a Software

This method is gaining popularity because the software provides maximum security against many different types of attacks. Once installed, you can permanently hide your own IP address. The software also works just like proxy servers as it’s built to cloak your personal information online.

3.Set up a Virtual Private Network

A VPN fetches the web resources for you from the original web server, and thus masks your internet protocol address with its own IP address. The VPN also encrypts web traffic and uses tunneling protocols. This means anyone intercepting your web traffic will only get scrambled date, and won’t manage to get any information out of it. Internet spies and intelligence agencies will only know that you’re connected to a VPN, but not more than that.

4.Use a different network

Alternatively, you can always use free Wi-Fi offered in many public locations such as the coffee shop or the mall. The IP address doesn’t move with your computer, but it’s assigned by the router collocated in your location.